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Generic Propecia (Finasteride)

What is this medicine?

This medication helps to reduce the gland of men’s prostate. More than 50% of men in the age of 50+ has a problem with enlarging prostate. It may cause the reducing of urine flow during urination. This medication helps men to overcome such disorder. This drug should be used only by men.

The doctor has to know if the patient is a woman (because this medication is only for men). In case of disease of liver, kidney or cancer of prostate, allergies to the medication, meals or other medications one should inform his doctor.

The medication should be taken orally one tablet with a glass of water. One can take it along or without meal. Each dosage should be taken on a regular basis. It is prohibited to use it more than prescribed. When one suppose to use the medication in children he should consult the pedestrian as well.

In case of an overdose one should apply for a local poison control centre or call for emergency.

It is prohibited to share the medication with others. In case if one forgets to take a pill in time, he may do it later but after that one should adjust his schedule. But a patient should never use two or more doses per time. It is important because the higher volume of the medication may cause serious danger.

It is to notice that some medication may have possible interaction with this one. Especially those which are used to treat pressure of blood disorders, hormones in men, saw palmetto and so on. The list is not full, so one have to inform his doctor about any medication ha takes in order to avoid some serious troubles.

It is also important to tell the doctor if one uses alcohol, illegal drugs or cigarettes. Because in those cases there may be possible interactions that may cause damage to patient’s health.

One should nevermake blood donations within half a year after using the medication. There may be a possibility that the medication will be transferred to the pregnant female.

In case if there are no results in symptoms one should tell this to his doctor. The doctor may adjust the dose or prescribe another medication.

Pregnant women or those who plan pregnancy should never take finasteride tablets, brake it. If it happens, a woman should contact a doctor.

There are some cases of interaction of the medication with tests for prostate of cancer. If one plans to pass such tests he should notify his doctor about it. The doctor should decide whether to delay the test or not.

In some patients the use of the medication may cause some disturbances such as difficulties during sexual activity, rash on the skin, reducing of sperm and others. There may be some other disturbances. Some of them may be light symptoms and some of them may cause damage to health. In each case one should notify his doctor.

The medication should be kept away from children in a temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C, away from the direct light in the closed box. One should never use the medication after the expiry date.

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